Luminous Healing

Individual Sessions

Increased self awareness and new understandings allows us to find healthy responses to life, rather than be caught in habitual reactions and struggle. We become aware that there are many possibilities for being open, gracious, wise, more loving, and more compassionate. We feel deeper connections with ourselves and others. We get more in touch with our authentic selves. Through these sessions, I support individuals to creates a new and greater sense of well being and wholeness in life.

Dalian Method™

For Healing and Personal Transformation

Reiki Energy Healing

A Japanese healing practice

" Awareness is the silent and choiceless observation of 'what is'. In this awareness the problem unroll itself and therefore is completely understood. When one is deeply conscious or aware, there is no remnant or hidden unconscious movement. There is no division between the inner and the outer. "- J Krishnamurti