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Meet Reema

My name is Reema Dhawan. I’m a seeker at heart and curiosity to find the truth, led me to get deeply involved in inner healing work. Presence, awareness, intuition, and the joy, are themes close to my heart.
Luminous is a flowering of my own profound healing journey (and continues to be) for last 20 years. I have practiced many healing modalities such as kundalini yoga, mantra chanting, Reiki healing and mindfulness for my own health and well being. All this work prepared me to evolve to the next level of understanding the healing journey, which is to expand the consciousness by breaking through what we call life challenges . I continued my search on this path and found Dalian Method. With this evolutionary healing method, I experienced a significant transformation by working with deeper layers of my unconscious beliefs, behaviour patterns, conditionings and fears in my body cellular memory. As I progressed in this healing work, I gained new insights to my intelligence and understanding to connect with my inner strength, trust and joy and heal my heart. I realized that the true freedom comes from self trust and self responsibility. I learnt to embrace self love, kindness and respect for myself and others. I connect with the wisdom of heart that gives us the power to meet any situation wisely, to be fully present, and to operate with compassion.
I bring a sincere commitment to this work of the heart, assisting people on their journey of healing and transformation and empower them to learn to nurture and strengthen a new, more gracious life of well-being
All practices offered here are those that have transformed my own life and those of many who have had the great fortune to experience the same transformation under the guidance of the living Zen master, Mada Eliza Dalian and Indian mystic Osho. At Luminous, I use Dalian Method, active meditations/mindfulness techniques and Reiki energy healing to bring holistic health & well being. I’m a certified facilitator of the Dalian Method from Dalian School of Health & Consciousness and a Reiki master healer.
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The kind words of others

“My 12 year old daughter was feeling anxious because of fear of being bullied at school and was struggling to make friends and approaching new people. Reema offered to help my daughter with Dalian method. The session was very soothing and comforting. Reema asked many important and meaningful questions to my daughter regarding her fears and anxiety at school. She was very gentle throughout the session and helped my daughter to connect with her own strength and confidence inside. Reema also provided tangible action steps to implement while interacting with friends, teachers and other people. With only one session, it helped my daughter to build self esteem and confidence. It was fascinating to see how one session can make permanent transformation. My daughter now has so many friends in school, she has improved her communication skills and is full of confidence.I highly recommend the Dalian Method for children and teens with Reema.”

Mamta Singh

BC, Canada

“I had a very insightful session with Reema. She is very intuitive to direct me at the right moment when I was sidetracked by my mind and reconnected with my knowing inside. I felt renewed and energetic shift in my body after the session. Reema is warm and kind healer that helped me to be open and vulnerable during the session”



"Reema’s presence, wisdom, and heart come through so strongly which has allowed me to easily let go, be vulnerable, and explore deeper areas of myself. This work is truly life-changing and I feel so fortunate to have experienced the gift of Reema’s guidance”