Luminous Healing

Dalian Method FAQs

Dalian Method™ is a unique healing method that helps to transform the unconscious beliefs and behaviour patterns which are the root cause of physical and psychological problems. It heals the body at physical level and transform fears, insecurity and negative emotions all at the same time by self empowered consciousness inside each person without using the mind. It works with the body and its energy centres (chakra system), Ying/Yang energy polarities, the head, knees and feet. It purifies the body, clear energetic blockages and restore the natural frequencies of the physical organs.
From childhood, we learn to keep quiet and hold back our true thoughts and feelings out of fear of being judged or criticized. We mistakenly believe and make conclusion that “I’m not good enough”, “I’m afraid to make mistakes”, “no one cares about me” etc. These unexpressed thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs are accumulated over time and remain repressed in the body and energy. We are unaware of these invisible programs running in our subconscious.These imprints from the past blocks the natural flow of energy through the body, impacting physical and psychological health and well being. They make us feel anxious and tense inside and keep us unconscious, causing pain, illness and inner unrest. They are like clouds and undermine inner clarity, strength and discovery of one’s true being who is ever present in here and now.
The body gives the signs when something is not right. When you experience symptoms like fear, pain, illness, depression and unhappiness, it is a message to work with Dalian Method to find the root cause of these life challenges inside instead of blaming outside circumstances in life (job, relationship, lack of purpose in life) and feel helpless and stuck. It's an opportunity to permanently transform limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviour patterns, and bring peace, joy and freedom into your life.
The fundamental core of Dalian Method is consciousness which is the source of ultimate health and wholeness, and view the healing of the body, mind and spirit as byproduct of unconsciousness into consciouness. Practices such as psychology, psychiatry and counseling helps at intellectual level to understand and do something about person’s fears, insecurities, depression and low self esteem by changing negative thinking and behaviour patterns into positive thinking and affirmations. DM bypasses the mind and work directly with unconscious beliefs and emotions hard wired into body cellular memory often back to childhood. It results in permanent and simultaneous healing and transformation in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas.