Luminous Healing

“ Learn to trust and surrender to whatever life brings you, so you don’t miss the many opportunities it offers you to heal into consciousness.” - Mada Dalian

Dalian Method™

For Healing and Personal Transformation

We all know life brings changes and nothing is permanent, and how easily they can fuel stress and anxiety. We feel depressed, fearful and helpless, which manifests itself as physical, mental, and emotional issues. Then we move through life lost in a small perspective. We can be lost in thoughts, caught up in fears or anxieties, suffering or depression. We lose our sense of well-being. We avoid looking inside us to find the root cause of our pain and sufferings to make a permanent transformation with understanding.
Increased self awareness and new understandings then allows us to find spacious, clear and healthy responses to life, rather than be caught in habitual reactions and struggle. We become aware that there are many possibilities of being open, gracious, wise, more loving, and more compassionate. We get more in touch with our authentic selves and start to focus on what is truly important in our lives.
Dalian Method is a new paradigm to facilitate healing, understanding and permanent transformation. It’s practical, it’s experiential, and its fundamental purpose is raise the self awareness and human consciousness to lead to the best of human possibilities – to bring healing, well-being, inner freedom – no matter what the changing circumstances of life might be. It can transform the way you live and work.
Dalian Method is a unique healing system which is created by Mada Eliza Dalian
An experimental research study was conducted to measure the effects of the self-healing Dalian Method™ (DM).
See the case studies showing the impact of using the DM healing method.
Mada has published articles about Dalian Method such as this one in international journal of mental health and human resilience. Read here
In my journey of self-discovery, I’m fortunate to know Mada, and working with her using the Dalian Method has transformed my life. I’m among 20 facilitators of the Dalian Method worldwide who were trained by Mada and are affiliated with Dalian School for Health & consciousness, Canada.
Reema with Mada Dalian